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Just stopping in...

I figured since I was on LJ trying to sale some BPAL stuff without resorting to EBay I would surprise some people with a post from me! Hehe. I'm still alive and kicking. Not too much has changed except that I am 17 wks pregnant with our first child. Our big ultrasound is a week from Tuesday. The due date is Jan 4th, but I think it'll be earlier than that. Not really much other than that to say.

*waves hi to everyone*
I'm not really feeling well. I had to get up to take care of the dogs, and since I could get comfy in bed, I decided to stay up until the motrim kicks in. I put a much of stuff up on eBay yesterday - mostly BPAL. I'm glad that three alreay have bids, which means I'll cover the eBay fees. Eventhough it is probably silly, I always worry about that especailly doing so much.

Alright. The dogs are done outside. I may just curl up on the couch.
I think I'm gonna stop LJ for awhile. I'm weeks behind on reading my Friends Page. I haven't made a "real" update in forever. It's not really for a lack of things to say; it more for a lack of desire to say them. I guess the best way to put is that I'm in kinda an introvert period. These are the times when I tend to be the most introspective and have the most to say in a journal form, I just don't want to tell the world it either. I think I may buy a physical journal b/c I also have a need to write with pen and paper.

Now, I don't want to necessarily lose touch with everyone either. Most of you have my email, so feel free to email me. If you don't have it, just ask and I'll give it to you. For those of you whose emails I know, you may just find yourself randomly emailed. Also, calling and text messaging is good too. And burning_bryght, I still want to help with the Yule decanting circle or any other MnS that comes up. That goes for the Tampa Girls too. I'm still in for meet-ups - just let me know.

I may drop in from time to time, but right now I need to take care of me. Something isn't quite right, and I need to fix it. I just don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them b/c I'm not responding. There are also a lot of things I want for myself over the next year and need to focus on that if I want to achieve them - like studying for the PE exam.

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy. Flirty. Tipsy. Well sexed.

Yeah - I'll call it a good birthday.

Update: Korshka's Sturgeon Moon Circlce

These are going out this morning.



I got the two more sets of Snow, Glass, Apples. I'll invoice them tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know that now. =)


I'm back!

*thud* I'm so tired. 17 hours of traveling. Everything was wonderful...there will be pictures...not tonight. I'll try to check up on things, but you may want to point out the important stuff.

So today is the big day...

I'm getting married!!!

Hehe...So married today and then the 2 week honeymoon. I'm all kinds of emmotions and craziness. But I gotta get this day started.

See ya in 2 weeks!!

(Oh, and happy birthday starrchilde)

Feb. 24th, 2008

One week.

That dog is too smart for her own good...

So, I was little slow at getting up to let Mika in from the backyard. She whined - I heard some jostling, metalish noise - which I've always thought was her poking at the doggie door we don't use any more. I finally get up and head to the door (I was talking to Mr Man on the phone). As I walked into the den, I see her head in the window. I then notice that she has balanced herself back on her haunches as she rest one paw on the door knob and slowly slides the paw round and down. I stand and watch the whole thing - amazed.

My dog knows how to open a door; she just can't figure out how to do it with no thumbs and fingers to wrap around it. If we had lever handles instead of knobs, I'd have a real problem keeping her in the house!